About Docavea

Docavea was started in 2017 by colleagues Jorgen Rasmussen and Peter Nissen after having worked in the scanning and document industry for many years. Here we saw how people struggled when having to study more than just a few documents about a topic, and how they often printed the documents to get an overview, just to get into new troubles with searching and sharing their findings afterwards.

We realized that there is a mismatch when studying multiple documents – document files can be organized in hierarchical folder structures, but when opening the files for reading, they can only be opened isolated from each other. When documents are related to the same case or project, they should be studied together, and related information should be connected across the documents.

We are building a world-class web-based document reading tool, with a unique focus on overview and on connecting information across multiple documents. Docavea is for everybody with the need to study multiple documents the easy way. 

The Docavea name is a composition of the words ‘Document’ and the latin ‘Cavea’, the latter meaning enclosure and referring to the seating section of a roman theater. The Docavea logo symbolizes a classical amphitheater/auditorium and at the same time multiple documents held in this enclosure. 

Docavea Will Launch Soon!